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There comes a time in every parents life to get a new ride for their little baby... And that time is right now! Just imagine that huge smile on your child's face when you put them in this Traveller's Stroller for the very first time. A smile that says "I'm the coolest kid on the block!" This stroller is designed to last the entire baby to toddler timespan, making it the only stroller you're ever going to need. :-) ✅You want to make sure your kid is comfy at all times. But not all paths were created equal, and some can get extra bumpy. Now when you are out and about taking strolls, comfort is what your son/daughter is going to desire. Our luxurious 4 Wheel Suspension System absorbs every bump that gets in your way. ✅ Okay, so you're out at the park, the day is a tad bit overcast, but nothing to worry about. You have the top pulled back letting your little one absorb the wonders of the new world their living in. But, suddenly the clouds clear out, and the sun is beating down. We designed a convertible cover so you can protect your little guy or little girl no matter what Mother Earth throws at ya, with effortless adjustability! ✅ The question isn't if, it's when. Let's be real, we can't predict the weather, and different climates can flip on us in a second. So, when you're out and the weather turns, you will have nothing to worry about! Our convertible top is made with 100% waterproof eco friendly material to keep your little one dry and happy all day long :) ✅Ready to let your little one lean back and relax whenever they want? The Traveller's Stroller comes with 3 settings for all your kid's desires. They can sit up right to see the world, at an angle to chill out, or lay completely flat for nap time! ✅Nothings worse than getting to your terminal to only be turned away because you have a stroller that's one size too big. Not to worry, you'll be laughing when you break down your full size stroller into a compact one and getting on the plane prepped and ready for a fun trip. Ready to keep calm and roll on yet?😎
Every product is unique, just like you. If you're looking for a product that fits the mold of your life, the TRAVELLER'S STROLLER - ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT is for you.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 22, 2024