Temperature Flower Transparent Lipstick Set

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¬†ūüĆ∑¬†6 Color Temperature Change¬†¬†Long Lasting Lipstick Moisturizer¬†

Benefits: Flower Infused Lipstick, Moisturizer Lip Balm, Moist Lips, Prevent Chapped Lips, it is healthy and safe. Color is NOT Easy to Fade. Rich transparent  color is combined with natural oils that is rich in nutrients to leave your lips soft and lush.  Once it is applied to the lips, the clear jelly lipstick turns into a lovely pink luster. They may likely become one of your favorites.

  • Benefit: Moisturizer
  • Type:¬†Lipstick
  • Ingredient:¬†Jelly Flower lipstick
  • Net wt:¬†3.8g
  • Condition:¬†Fruit Flavor Balm / Flower Lipstick¬†
  • Hydrating and Long Lasting
  • Formulation:¬†Jelly Flower lipstick
  • Effect:¬†Temperature change Fruit Lip balm
  • Shade:¬†Assorted
  • Package:¬†1 * lipstick

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Inventory Last Updated: Jul 14, 2020